Sunday, September 12, 2010

Villa del Mar

For my first download, I bring you 9 Marine Parade, also known as Villa del Mar.  This lot was built on the shores of Redcliffs.  (If you don't have this world, GET IT!  You can find it here at Awesims.)  I've included the map view for those of you who would like to place the lot exactly where I've built it.

This home has four bedrooms, two and a half baths, salon, multiple balconies, and  a pool.  Now, onto the pictures:

Custom Content Used:

NOTE: This lot was built in a world that requires both WA & Ambitions, so I'm assuming the EPs are also required for the lot.  If anyone is brave enough to test this lot on a game without the EPs, please let me know if it is compatible.  Thank you!!

EDIT:  Please see this post for questions regarding the furniture and decor.


  1. Wow. It is amazing... I had never seen such a beautiful house! It is just perfect! But, will the furniture be in my game when I download it?

  2. No, I'm sorry the furniture will not be included with the house. I listed the custom content used for the construction of the house so that you can download at your own will. Due to other creator's sharing policies, I can't include the custom content with the download.

  3. It's beautiful!! Thank you for sharing it! Can you tell me where the cushions, pillows, bedspread and curtains are from? Thank you :)

  4. I would love it if you could point in the direction of the furniture CC, though! The lot itself is gorgeous but I always feel moderately guilty when I can't use the same-ish furniture. Really lovely lot, though!

  5. This house has such an atmosphere! Really lovely, it's just a pity that I don't have WA installed.. and I will ask the same question as Jaime, will you be able to make a list of CC used inside too?

  6. Desdren: The cushions/pillows are from Awesims and I can't remember where I got the blanket. Although, it may be under the WCIF at Living Sims.

    Jaime & Anon: Unfortunately I can't list all the CC because it would just be way too time consuming. You guys should check out Living Sims, their forum has an amazing finds section and a thread dedicated just to WCIF questions. Everyone there is super nice and very helpful at finding CC for your game. Not to mention, the magazine is amazing and they have tons of design tips.

  7. Where do the rugs come from?
    I'm guessing baufive, but which set?

  8. I've got all of his rugs, so I'm not sure which one is which. The one in the last photo is a game rug with weave & wicker patterns.