Sunday, December 19, 2010

Modoville Townhomes

I haven't uploaded in a while, but today I bring you the Modoville Townhome complex with seven (7) distinct units ranging from one (1) to three (3) bedrooms, gated patios, terraces, and large balconies.  This 28 x 39 lot requires ALL EPs, including Late Night as it is meant to be used as an apartment building.  I haven't added any markers in order to allow the downloader to select which unit to be lived in once placed in their game.  If you would like to use this lot as it is intended and don't know how to place markers, I've included a brief tutorial below.

This lot is UNFURNISHED and I have included a list of CC and Store Items used for the build portion in the zip file.  The "furnished pics" are of Unit #2 (1 bedroom / 1 bathroom) used to demonstrate how large these apartments actually are.

If you intend to use this lot as an apartment building, follow the steps below carefully:

  1. Enter the lot after placing it in your town and open the cheat window (CTRL+SHIFT+C).
  2. Type the following in the cheat window and hit enter: TestingCheatsEnabled True
  3. Reopen cheat window, type, and enter: BuyDebug On
  4. If you were not automatically routed to this point, look for the ? category in buy mode.
  5. Locate the Hidden Room marker in the Miscellaneous Category and place it in ALL of the rooms you will NOT be using.
  6. Be sure to not place ANY markers inside the unit you plan to use.
  7. The mailbox bank can also be found here.  Place it at your own discretion in a public area on this lot.
  8. When finished, close out all of the cheats you opened. (BuyDebug Off) & (TestingCheatsEnabled False).


  1. Omg i love your furnished room its so cute. And awesome apartment building I think it fits perfectly for my character <3 Thanks

  2. Can I live in all 7 units if I am using a mod to have 24 members in a household.

  3. Yes you can live in all 7 units. This is why I didnt place any markers.

  4. ummm... you can't see some of the pictures. it says ! on them. >:/ I want to see those pics! I know they're pretty because i can see the last one.